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AEROPERS, the pilots association of Swiss International Air Lines and Edeweiss Air was founded in 1945. Since then, they have represented their members interests vis-à-vis their employers. Counting about 1500 active and around 900 non-active members. They are Switzerland's largest professional pilots association and thus one of Swiss International Air Lines and Edweiss Air's legitimate contracting partners.

The association represents its members interests, which comprise long-turn security of employment, reasonable working conditions and appropriate financial compensation.

For these interests to be met, AEROPERS negotiate a collective bargaining agreement with employers that is valid for all pilots employed by them, and they ensure its correct implementation.

The AEROPERS members are out flying every day. Therefore AEROPERS is a competent point of contact for all issues that concern flying and piloting. In order to stay informed and represent their members' interests beyond the company's boundaries, they are in frequent contact and engage in dialogue with Swiss, European and global partner organisations.

Air Line Pilots Association
Ewiges Wegli 10
CH-8302 Kloten

   +41 44 816 90 70
 +41 44 816 90 75