SIPA – Swiss Independent Pilot Association


The Swiss Independent Pilot Association (SIPA) was founded on 1st October 2005. It aims to promote and represent the interests of independent business and airline pilots in Switzerland in general, as well as of its members, who are employed in civil and military aviation, in particular.

The SIPA represents its members' interests vis-à-vis the authorities and other associations with regards to general questions and issues that concern aviation. It represents its members in working groups and organisations on a national and international level.

The SIPA is politically neutral; however, it can take a public stand about issues that concern aviation.

Since 2007, the association SIPA has been an officially recognised member of SwissALPA.

SIPA's members are business and / or airline pilots, who are not represented by any other pilots association that is a member of SwissALPA.

Pilots who are already members of another association that is a member of SwissAlpa can only acquire a double membership with SIPA.

Pilots who are still in training, unemployed business pilots, airline pilots and flight instructors can also become members of the SIPA.

Once a pilot has become a member of the SIPA, he or she has the opportunity to benefit from special offers for members (such as loss of licence insurance, collective health insurance, private legal protection and many more). See for more information.

The fee for an active membership of the SIPA is CHF 280 a year (effective 01.01.2014). Deferred payment is possible upon consultation with the board.

Included in the membership fee is:

  • SwissALPA (IFALPA & ECA) membership
  • SwissALPA magazine for members «Rundschau»
  • CAP professional legal protection

SIPA – Swiss Independent Pilot Association

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